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Summary: Wet-behind-the-ears cleric eager to prove herself.


Gender: Female

Age: 21

Group: The Quest Party




Cleric and healer


Neutral good


Turn undead
Spells of detection, healing, and protection

Baking, herbalism, singing

Geography, history, literacy, math, theology


Chain mail, helmet, shield
Blessed hammer (more effective against undead)
Holy symbol

First aid kit
Enough food and water for a week
Tent (can accommodate two)

Traveling money

She also wears a silver locket with a strange symbol carved into it. It was with her when she was left at the abbey. No one there recognizes it and her research in the abbey's library has come up empty.

Personality and Interests

A friendly and upbeat facade hides a mix of fear and tension. Until now, she had quested with other clerics of her order and this is her first quest without them.

She is particularly afraid of engaging in combat with humans. On the quests she participated with the other clerics, her enemies were always monsters and/or undead.

She is unsure as to her path in life, whether to be a cleric or take vows as a nun. She expects her experiences as an adventurer will show her which way to go.

Whenever she comes to a new town, she will speak with the elders and keeper of records in hopes of discovering what the symbol on her locket means.


Until now, Christine has only known life among an order of nuns. She was left there as a child with no clue as to her parentage. The nuns tried to place her with a family, but none could due to drought at the time.

By the time the drought ended, she was old enough to decide she wanted to stay there. Life there was simple, but she enjoyed providing food and services to nearby villages.

The abbey also supported several clerics who would go on adventures that helped the villagers, such as flushing out groups of bandits or undead that nested in nearby ruins. A couple of times they dealt with more serious threats such as dragons or evil wizards.

Inspired by the clerics’ efforts, she joined their order so as to better aid the villagers. The first few adventures were nerve-wracking, but she grew used to it.

After a year of doing quests in the company of other clerics, she was sent out to join a group of adventurers in their quest. It served several purposes: allow her to see more of the world and learn more of it, as well as teaching how to interact with people outside the order.

Physical Appearance

Tall (5'10")
Blonde hair, blue eyes
Slim build, but stronger than she looks; that armor isn't made of feathers

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Image of Christine
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