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Summary: Shakudo is a warrior/ monk, with quick wits, strong hands and a sharp sword.

Sohei Shakudo Dorje

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Gender: Male

Age: 39

Group: The Quest Party





Sohei is a title for a warrior priest.
His name Shakudo, means ‘the way of interpretation’
Dorje is the name of his lineage. It is the name of a weapon.


He is good and practices religion as an ordained priest. His ordination involved surviving a secret ordeal. A test of physical and mental ability.
He is skilled in the use of the sword for as he was taught, the sword is the giver of justice.
So long as he adheres his own judgment concerning good and evil he is in adherence to his religion.


Sword, staff, hand to hand, read, write, horse ridership, flute, draw, map making, archery, ki


Katana(sword), knife on a pole (naginata), bow w12 arrows, standard adventure kit, writing kit, horse, strange looking, white, shingled, leather armor.
He also has a long dagger with a black wrapped handle (like his sword.)
He carries a string of wooden beads around his neck and hidden by his top.
Also two books.

Personality and Interests

Quiet and peaceful, but quick to action when called for. He practices his martial skills and meditates when time permits. Writes poetry, plays flute, likes to help others. During quiet times he occupies himself practicing his kata (dance like movements that seemed to simulate a fight) or sitting on the ground meditating and quietly chanting to himself or making strange fingers configurations.
Beside his writing book for drawings, poetry and such, be carries another small leather bound book, which he keeps hidden in an inner pocket in his shirt.


Shakudo grew up in a monastery in the mountains, in a land far to the east, from age 4 on. He was trained in all forms of armed and unarmed martial arts. He was also trained in the music, the visual arts, reading, writing, arithmetic, history and so forth. Much of his time at the monastery was taken up by prayer and meditation.
He was a good student, but something of a loner (or outcast.) He is now a traveler, and adventurer. Alway in the back of his mind is his mission to the leaders back at the monastery. A secret mission, it is the main reason he finds himself in this far away land.
He knows it involves something that was stolen many years ago from the monastery, a book or scroll perhaps. He learned it was worthless and and beyond worth.

Physical Appearance

About 5’8” and a muscular 190 lbs. he has close shaved black and grey hair and a short beard. His eyes are narrow and somewhat slanted , he wears white baggy pants and gi tight at the forearms and lower legs. He wears a white scarf over his head and lower face, except when he’s eating or speaking. With his face uncovered some would find him somewhat handsome.

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Image of Sohei Shakudo Dorje
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