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Summary: A bunch of bad habits packed with bad magic.

Kalo Stavros

Gender: Male

Age: 23

Group: The Quest Party



A minority subrace of brown-skinned elves known for their violent and warring nature, something that is very untraditional of elven-kind.


Sorcerer Fighter


Chaotic Good


Kalo is a self-taught martial artist who is adept at disposing of foes of varying degrees of danger and skill by way of powerful physical strikes and debilitating magical attacks. Most of his spells stem from a dark source and involve darkness, shadow, or forces generally considered to be that of occult or evil nature. It is exceptionally hard for Kalo to so much as learn, let alone utilize traditional magic, and as such he mostly relies on strengthening the magic that he is already capable of.


Kalo's only items of considerable significance are his obsidian studs which provide a mild resistance to magical effects.

Personality and Interests

Kalo is ill-mannered, rash, impulsive, and utterly unapologetic. However, he is willing to respect those he feels a connection to. He values self-control and freedom highly, however can be willing to sacrifice said freedom for the sake of those he feels deserve such a sacrifice. He is an unpredictable force of nature, and may hurt people in order to help others, however most times he acts in a way to promote good in others, even if he struggles to display it himself. He is occasionally prone to becoming emotionally compromised, and can act in a regrettable manner at these times.


Kalo is a member of a race of warriors that inhabit a kingdom far South. They are known to be chaotic and violent towards outsiders as well as worship deities that could only be described as demons. These, however, are but half-truths. A king rules this race and promotes these traits in his people, however not everyone agrees with the king's principals. Kalo's parents, individuals with royal blood, were among these people and were believed to be behind a coupe that would overthrow the king and put his much more mild-tempered son into power. It was also believed that their son possessed extraordinary abilities that would aid in his parents' plans. Fearing what they might be capable of, the king had Kalo and his family chased out of the kingdom and hunted. After a year of hiding, they were eventually caught up to, and believed to be killed and buried at sea. Kalo however, miraculously survived and was rescued by a ship belonging to a northern kingdom. He found his way to land, young, emotional at the death of his parents, but too far and too young to know why and to get back to his home. He was raised on odd jobs and sympathetic employers, developing his martial skills through his experiences. He is a constant outcast in a land that he has grown to know, yet is still foreign to him, however while he has the motivation to fight for his life and for the lives of others when he deems it necessary, that motivation does not extend to discovering his distant past. Not yet, anyway.

Physical Appearance

Kalo is physically imposing, standing at 6'4 and boasting a lean and muscular frame. His skin his darkened like his people, hailing from a land of sun and sand. His hair is black and naturally curled tight, he wears it often low and close to the scalp. Kalo's most noticeable features are perhaps his pointed ears which mark his elven blood, and are almost always adorned with his black studs, or his pointed teeth which are reminiscent of southern tribes that engage in modifying their bodies for cosmetic purposes, however Kalo's teeth are less of a fashion choice and are instead a factor of his genetic makeup. He packs light, and much unlike your average adventurer, often charges into fights with nothing more than a light layer of simple clothing; a form fitting back top and dark jean-pants with matching boots. He occasionally wears a cloak over top it, but the cloak, whatever it's origin hardly ever lasts.

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