This page is for important game rules and additional information that's too long for the game description on the homepage.

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Thank you red_sword7 for creating it!

1. Be respectful. This may be someone's first time doing a game, so treat them kindly. If there's a disagreement, either email the person or contact them nicely through an OOC post and clear up any confusion!
2. Do not kill or critically injure another player's character(s). Enough said. Unless it's an NPC, don't dictate what happens or how another character reacts to an event.
3. Deal with dialogue as you wish. I know there's multiple strategies to circumventing short posts during a conversation between two characters. Two players can collude in writing a post, or you can do a post-by-post conversation. You're not required to collaborate on that big of a level if you're not able or don't want to.
4. Be creative. This should be a game where any crazy idea can work. As long as you stay within the confines of fantasy (no guns, lasers, spaceships, etc), then everyone should be on board to collaborate and contribute to an idea that someone has put forth. The person who creates the initial quest is mainly done, but it's up to us as a group to get it done and see it through. So get creative and have fun while you do!
5. Be respectful of the quest at hand. Try to stay on task with the story. It's encouraged to maybe get sidetracked a time or two to explore fun ideas and places, but maybe don't introduce huge plot twists or game-breaking contradictions. Stay the course and have fun along the way!
6. No god-like characters (unless there's an actual god). For our sake, don't create an all-powerful character into the group or into the story unless they have a sparkling weakness to exploit. It becomes a bummer real quick. Instead, as mentioned, create weaknesses and fallacies, and make your character someone that can die at any moment.
7. Please create original characters. When this rule has not been adhered to, the story can feel kind of awkward with other established characters running around. Have fun crafting a new and original character to inhabit this world!

Note: This world is entirely open and with no preconceived landmasses, towns, cities, factions, nations, etc. That means that we as players can create and be imaginative of what goes on in the world, and I'll do my best to keep track of places, factions, etc that others create. So be creative with what fills this world. Just, again, keep it original and keep it fantasy.

Types of Characters:

Quest Party
-Group of individuals who engage in the quests (for one reason or another).
-The hope is to flesh out your character, have them grow, maybe have some of the quests intertwine with their backstories.
-These are the "heroes," however they may of course have their own alignments, motivations, etc

-The main antagonists of the quests
-Can be created for the quest itself, or can be created as a character that causes trouble for the heroes as they go about their quest.

-Characters that don't belong to one player, but rather to every player to use as they see fit.
-Usually includes bartenders, wandering merchants, maybe even monster hordes too.
-Usually used to initiate quests, but can be used as simply recurring characters for the party to encounter
-Important Rule: If you use said NPC, do not contradict their backstory or personality.

Character Races:
Some races for you to choose from, not at all the only ones you can choose from!
-Etc, etc

Character Alignment:
Here's a good link to help you with deciding what alignment your character is. Just try to keep it in mind when you decide how your character will react to encounters.

Character Classes:
Here are some classes to choose from:

Barbarian: A great warrior that comes from a more uncivilized or unorthodox culture.

Bard: A musical/poetic class that also dabbles in some magic. Great storytellers as well.

Cleric/Priest: A character that serves a higher power through magic.

Healer: Focused in on healing magic and helping to aid characters when they're injured. Not all magic-users can heal in this world.

Druid: Harnesses magic coming from nature in particular, and can typically morph into some kind of animal on command.

Knight/Fighter: A character extremely skilled in fighting. Whether that's with a sword, a bow and arrow, or their fists, they get the job done. Not tied specifically to a sacred vow, but are rather just good at fighting.

Monk: In tune with their body and mind. Due to this, they're well trained fighters that are very spiritual and tend to focus on keeping their mind and body in harmony.

Paladin: Very similar to a knight or a fighter, except they're tied to a holy task and are also tied to a sacred vow of which they cannot break.

Rogue: A stealthy trickster who is usually morally ambiguous and can be more self absorbed than the average hero. Scoundrels, if you will.

Sorcerer: A magician who has inherent magical abilities through a gift or through hereditary means.

Warlock: A magician who got abilities by making an exchange with an extra-dimensional entity. Similar to a cleric, though not necessarily in serve of the higher power.

Wizard: A magician who got abilities through years of study and dedication to the craft.

Timeline of Quests:
-Cyrus first got a quest invitation from Thomas Twofoot, a wandering merchant who is in need of new and interesting items. He asked Cyrus and a party of adventurers to journey into the nearby Barrier Mountains and acquire strange "immunity crystals" from a tomb of an old king.

Places Visited or Mentioned:
-Incar: A town nearby the Barrier Mountains, where the game's first quest began.
-Barrier Mountains: Large mountains nearby Incar where an old king was once buried in an underground complex.