Dalin's motives

Dalin grins and replies “Aye lassie, just getting a look around.” He falls back in line. “There are those who do travel alone. I am one and all Gnomes come from the ground. As for the Gnome, don’t know him don’t trust him.” He thinks for a moment “but I don’t trust anyone anyways.” He says with an evil grin.

Tria's eyes widened in mock hurt. "Not even me?" Then she shrugged, smirking a bit. "Eh, can't say I blame you, the whole not trustin' thing. Lots of mean folk out there." Tria hesitated, taking a moment to rub at a smudge of dirt on the back of her hand. "So, if you don't trust nobody, and you usually travel alone, what brings you here?" she asked Dalin slowly, gesturing to the group spread out over the trail ahead of them.

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