The Wolves Within

"Is it a new evil or one that has always been here?” Asked Shakudo. "Are these real wolves you speak of or something like wolves?"

"Far worse, I think," Cyrus said. "Wolves are predictable, they hunt in packs. Their motivations are clear. They attack in a clever yet easily discernible pattern. Not whatever's in there." He pointed toward the mountain. "It may not know we're coming, but it will soon know. And when it does, we'll have trouble on our hands."

Nirick chuckled. "You got all of this information from, what, a feeling? What evidence do you have? Was it just 'very evil,' therefore it must be cunning and destructive?"

"I see you're skeptical of my training, yes?"

"I suppose," Nirick responded with a slight wink. "When I was with the coven that investigated this place, I never went inside, merely scouted the entrances with them. They never spoke of a true evil inside, just of the treasure within it. The sacred armor and the holy gem that went with it. If they didn't sense it, why have you sensed something?"

"Evil grows in the darkest places," Cyrus said. "Something has begun to grow within. We're being thrown to the wolves. No fighting chance. No choice."

"So we give up?"

"No. We merely know the risks. Tomorrow morning, when we enter that foul place... we may never exit. Or it'll be easy. It could go either way, but I stand to reason that it will be of great difficulty."

Nirick scoffed. "Well then, I'll get some sleep. Suppose I'll be needing it."

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