Evil what evil.

"Evil grows in the darkest places," Cyrus said. "Something has begun to grow within. We're being thrown to the wolves. No fighting chance. No choice."

"So we give up?"

"No. We merely know the risks. Tomorrow morning, when we enter that foul place... we may never exit. Or it'll be easy. It could go either way, but I stand to reason that it will be of great difficulty."

Nirick scoffed. "Well then, I'll get some sleep. Suppose I'll be needing it."

Making a grumbling sound Dalin has a skin on the ground and he leans against a tree laying his crossbow next to him “just let me know when it’s my turn to watch or to test Tria fighting skill.” He says pulling out a flask form his pack pops the lid and taking a drink. “a drink and a show best I can get out here.” he says laughing.

John says "I'll take first watch. Before I do, Tria do you want to work a little bit with your staff & I'll set more tripwires around the camp, "

“just don’t forget to stager them and have them at different angles.” Adds Dalin as he pulls his pipe and packs gets a small stick form the fire and lights the tabaco in the pipe and starts puffing on it.

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