A Dream of His Own

Cyrus closed his eyes as he slowly felt the emanating heat from the nearby campfire. It was a smooth and calming embrace that soothed his old skin as he willed his eyes to close. He met the darkness that accompanied it with open arms. Sleep, he thought. Well earned on this day.

He slowly drifted off to sleep and immediately entered a dream, though, as is usual, he didn't know it. He was in a dark place. Damp and warm, and he could hear a distant fall of water. Dripping slowly.

Drip, drip, drip.

He got up and felt the cold stone against his feet. The darkness stayed. Cyrus lifted his arms and felt a the top of the cave. A very small one, by his measure. He called out and heard no echo. He could still hear the dripping of the water. He couldn't tell if the cave he was in was incredibly small or large, but he felt as if he must exit.

Before he could begin to move around, a voice came from the darkness.

"The wizard," it growled. Sounded like something Nirick would say, though the voice was much deeper. "Alone."

"What do you want?" Cyrus asked while trying to walk towards the voice.

"The light from within you," the voice answered. "The light within you all."

The cave lit up suddenly, and the figure in front of him was large, yet bore no face. It sat still on the cave ground as blood dripped from its neck where a large wound was. Statues of soldiers were all around it. In its hand was a gem. The crystal, Cyrus thought.

The thing's face began to morph and change, turning into thousands of things every few seconds. Its skin, course and thick, changed color and the gem began to glow brighter and brighter.

"The king is dead, Cyrus," it said. "He couldn't hold the gem's power, so neither will you."

Cyrus suddenly awakened as he felt the ground below them begin to shake. Cyrus jumped up from where he was. "Earthquake!" he yelled. "Everyone get up! Whatever's in the mountain with that gem...I think it finally knows what we mean to do!"

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