Cover with the trees

Cyrus suddenly awakened as he felt the ground below them begin to shake. Cyrus jumped up from where he was. "Earthquake!" he yelled. "Everyone get up! Whatever's in the mountain with that gem...I think it finally knows what we mean to do!"

Dalin opened his eyes but did not move wondering what all the commotion was about. He rolled next to the tree drawing his blade with a flick of his wrist his Trident Main Gauche dagger side blades flip out. he scanned the area with his back to the fire his eyes slowly adjusted to the night.

Glancing over Dalin saw John quickly picked up his sword within seconds.

Taking another step, he crouches next to a bush fading form sight. Ready to attack anything that could be a threat.

Shakudo also gathers his weapons and is on his feet in a flash.

John grabs one piece of wood and sticks one end of it into the campfire to make a torch. Then he looks around for any foes.

Checking his area one more time Dalin says “clear on my side.” Placing his hand on the ground he felt the ground move it was a rumbling the earth was shaking he looked up the hill and saw some dirt shifting but not coming down yet.

Shakudo feels the earth moving under his feet. “What we need is cover before stones start falling from the mountain!”

“take cover with the trees it should give us some protection” said Dalin.

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