Feeling the Mountain

“Take cover with the trees it should give us some protection” said Dalin. Seeing John quickly puts out his Torch and goes to Tria looking her over. “Nirick, where is this tunnel entrance you spoke of?” Ask Shakudo excitedly.

Dalin turned and walked back to the camp the ground still shaking the rumbling sound still in the air. Putting his hand on the ground he closed his eyes and hummed for a sec. “The quake is from deep in the mountain this is not so natural something had upset the mountain and its fighting back.” Dalin said over the noise. “I do not feel or see anything nearby for an opening. We should group up and get out of here.” Dalin yelled to the others. He stood to his feet saying some unpleasant words in Dwarven. He turned to look at the others to see if they are ok.

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