The Adventure Begins

Cyrus sat in the tavern in his lonesome, with his trusty staff leaning against the bar. The patrons were the usual kind: lone travelers like himself, wandering merchants, and the occasional knight or wizard. Many were drunk despite it being midday. Cyrus made the effort to seem inconspicuous, with his hood drawn over his face and obscuring his staff by keeping it close to his person.

A slight tap touched his shoulder, which caused him to quickly turn around. The person he saw upon turning was a young man with a rich fabric garb draped over him. The man's mouth stretched into a smile, exposing rather exquisitely well-kept teeth. "Cyrus, is it?" he asked.

Cyrus' heart began to beat as he slowly grabbed on to his staff. Judging by the man's glare, he hadn't seen. That'll make what happens next easier, he thought. "And you are...?" Cyrus asked back.

"Thomas Twofoot," the man responded.

Cyrus couldn't help but muster a dry chuckle. "Your last name is 'Twofoot?' A bit strange, I will say."

"I do have two feet, do I not?" He pushed back his clothing to reveal, sure enough, two feet kept snugly in vibrantly colored shoes. "Now answer my question, if you will. You are Cyrus, correct? The exiled wizard?"

"I wouldn't say 'exiled,' I would say...put into self retirement."

"Well whatever you call yourself, I have a job that requires your talents. I don't know if you're a team-man, but this job may just require many more people of esteemed excellence."

"I don't take your meaning," Cyrus said abruptly. "I'm sitting here in this bar and you randomly approach me and offer me a job? How did you hear of me? How did you find me? Why come to me with this job of yours?"

Thomas shrugged and sat down on a stool next to Cyrus. "Many hear of a wandering wizard who isn't bound to laws and strict values of a retained wizard. I'm a wandering merchant, after all, and as you would expect, certain whispers reach my ear. Whispers that interest me greatly. I simply was put on your trail by people traveling out of this area. Heard you wander nearby this tavern often, looking quite nondescript I might add. I have job for you, if you're willing to take it."

"Pay?" Cyrus asked.

"Twenty-thousand gold coins," he responded.

Cyrus shrugged. "What does this job of yours entail?"

Thomas slowly smiled. "I'm a selling man, you see, someone who requires rare and often ancient items to build a reputation around the land. I can't acquire said items all by myself, you see, so I simply pay others to do what I cannot. We currently rest in the town of Incar. Travel over the nearby river and you'll come to the Barrier Mountains. Legend has told of a large complex within the mountain nearby this here town. Within this complex lies the tomb of an old king, and with him, crystals that, when placed in his golden armor, provided him immunity to most attacks, poisons, and curses. I need these crystals, you see. They could provide an immense profit."

"So you want me and any others willing, to venture into this mountain complex and find these old crystals and simply...bring them back to you? For twenty-thousand gold?"

"Is twenty-thousand not enough?" Thomas asked.

"To be split amongst a party, most certainly not. And for items that will provide you with such immense profits..."

"Eighty-thousand I can spare, I suppose, but that is my limit."

"And that shall suffice." Cyrus outstretched his hand and Thomas shook it.

"If you and your party do not arrive back at this tavern within a week, I will presume you dead."

Cyrus smiled and got up from his seat. He looked around the tavern and had to decide. Who will make up the party?

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