Dream A Little Dream

Willow stayed in her room all day most days. Earlier, she had been asked to attend therapy, but felt too weak to move from her bed. So she stayed there staring out the window. She never fought them, she took her meds, and she sat still all day. She longed for the outside but had lost her spark to fight for it long ago. Maybe one day she could find it again, but for now she was broken into their will.
She could hear the commotion in the other room, and turned her head from the window to pay attention to it. She really didnt know who she was listening to since she rarely left her bed. Maybe someday she would venture to at least the therapy sessions, but right now, she wasnt into it.

Nigel/Queen Liz: Oh dear me. That meatloaf is atrocious. I dare say they are trying to treat me like some common criminal. So I say off with their heads!

This made the therapist nervous enough to panic and then that triggered Nigel into switching personalities in to Him. "Him" is a murdering monster who eats human flesh and barely talks . After hearing the panic button, security rush into Nigel's room and proceeded to shoot him with many tranquilizers darts. Of course this only enraged Nigel/Him to the point of beating the living daylights out of the guards as if they were mere rag dolls. Nigel looked like a savage covered in darts as slobber oozed from his mouth as he grunted and growled in his fit of rage. Of course more security was called to the room and Nigel was tazed by the guards right before he was shot again with a volley of tranquilizer darts.

Despite his insane rage, Him eventually succumbed to the overdose of meds and collapsed onto the floor in a bloody mess. Once Nigel was secured the hospital staff came in checked on Nigel. Seeing as he needed serious medical attention, they rushed him into surgery to remove the embedded needles and broken glass from the darts he fell on as well as counteracting the overdose of tranquilizers serum in his blood stream. It took a few hours to stabilize Nigel and when they were done they moved him into a recovery room. Seeing as he was in no position to cause trouble they let their guard down around Nigel for the night.

Many hours passed and it was now about 2 am in the morning as Jack woke up to see he was moving in his wheel chair. His head was groggy from fatigue and pain but he found he could not move. Then he was surprised to see Nigel who was covered in bandages and speaking with a German accent.

Nigel: Good Morning Jack. I am Dr. Mengele and I will be your doctor today.

Before Jack could protest Nigel/Dr. Mengele put a medical gag on Jack and secured it to his head. Then he picked Jack up and put him on a surgery table face down. Jack wanted to scream and fight back but found he was gagged and paralyzed. Then Nigel/Dr. Mengele proceeded to pull up Jack's shirt and in a German accent, Nigel/Dr. Mengele explained the surgical procedure. Jack felt no pain as Nigel/Dr. Mengele cut into his lower back.

Two hours later Jack was sleeping like usual in his wheel chair. Drool was dripping down his jaw as he was in a deep sleep. He woke up when an orderly came in to deliver his breakfast, which was oatmeal. Jack looked up at the orderly and went back to sleep as the orderly left his food on the tv tray connected to the medical bed.


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