Pragmatism Versus Altruism

Linh frowned. She had been seriously considering accepting David's offer, but Joe's and Sally's altruism was making this decision a painful one. She didn't want to be the only person to unconditionally accept it, but on the other hand, the time she would probably spend away from work was going to be expensive for her. Unlike Sally (probably) and Joe, Linh owned a business, and she had expenses to pay even if she didn't run classes. She might also need the money to cover "operating expenses" to get certain people to talk to her, as she lacked Sally's looks and Joe's... look.

In the end, Linh decided to forgo sentimentality and just accept the money. If the others ended up thinking less of her for it, Linh would have to live with it. "Thank you David," she remarked as she signed the document that declared that she was a consultant for the case.

The others then wanted to eat at the restaurant attached. Linh was pretty sure that nothing on their menu would be even remotely nutritious and would rather have eaten elsewhere. "David, would you like to eat as well? If not, could you drive me back to the Community Center while Sally and Joe eat? I am going to need to get back to my studio and let my students know that classes will be cancelled for the next few nights, unless you think I can reasonably take the time to work on this case only when it doesn't conflict with my classes."

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