Guesting and Bringing the Host up to Speed

"Just make yourself at home, Ms. Nguyen. Can I get ya anything to drink? Water? Iced tea?"

Linh carefully navigated to the seat offered to her and replied, "Water will be excellent, thank you." She had long ago been taught that it was rude not to accept what a host offered to her, and in this case, Linh had nothing to gain and everything to lose by being impolite to her new co-consultant's loving father.

Soon thereafter, Mister Jones inquired what the nature of their visit was, and Linh and Sally explained to him their whole predicament, from Tony's run in with the Los Diablos to their visit to Kawasaki Electronics to pick up the weird phone things. Linh had seen no reason not to bring Mister Jones fully into the loop, although her weak description of the phone did seem to get his imagination going...

Once Sally talked her father back down to earth, it was time to get the answers they had been seeking.

"So, yes, all that said, what do you know of these Los Diablos people, and do you know how we can get in touch with the Panthers?"

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