Street Cred Where It's Due

As Salvation Jones entered the passenger side of Master Linh's van, the driver commented about not having been shot at in a while which raised an eyebrow on the nun-chuck wielding vigilante. Linh instructed her to retrieve the City map from the glove compartment. As the pair looked over it and charted a course to the Panther's headquarters based upon Captain Jones' directions, Salvation reflected upon her father's warning, wondering how big the money and guns that could be used against Tony's group would get.

The route plotted and memorized, Salvation put away the map as Linh asked "What is this 'street cred' your father believes we possess that should earn us a conversation with Mister King? I guess I might be somewhat known for my school, but outside of being one of Master Tang's noteworthy students, what is your claim to fame?"

"Oh, I'm just the friendly neighborhood Bruce Lee," Salvation answered. "Sort of..."

She took out her sunglasses and placed them on her head, lowering them enough to allow her eyes to show.

"See, every comic book superhero's got a look. A gimmick," she explained further. "This is mine. Walk the beat just like Pops used to back on the force. If I spot any trouble, I sort it out. Most times it's just an argument, lost kid, cat up a tree. Someone needs help liftin' sumpin' heavy up or down th' stairs. But sometimes it's punks makin' trouble, pickin' on someone they know can't fight back. In that case..."

Salvation pushed her sunglasses back up against her face. "I help them see the error of their ways." She then restored her glasses to their former position. "Dad wasn't too happy 'bout it at first, even after I caught the people who shot 'im. But people out there need help... 'n cops can only do so much..."

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