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Summary: A cocky and competitive woman

Dr. Violet Beauregarde

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Gender: Female

Age: 26

Group: Allied Monsters


American, Atlanta, Georgia, USA (born 2005)


College Professor, Teaches Chemistry
Doctrine in Bio Genetics
Masters of Science in Bio Chemistry
Bachelor of Science in Chemistry

Powers: Ability to stretch her body at will like a rubber band

Martial Arts Champion: With over 500 trophies including Intercontinental ones, Retired
Gymnastics Champion: with 5 Gold medals in Vault, Uneven Bars, Balance Beam, and Floor Exercise, Retired
Swimming: Several state championship trophies, Retired
Gum-chewing contests: Junior champion and world-record holder, Retired


Doctor of Science
Professor, Teaches Chemistry
Black Belt in Karate
Retired Champ in several activities

Physical Appearance

Height: 5'7"
Eyes: Green
Hair: Blonde
Skin: Light

After leaving Wonka's factory she gained her rubber powers but was turned Indigo in color which made it hard to fit in with others. During her studies to received her Masters degree, Violet manage to find a way to change her skin color back to normal while retaining her rubber powers.

Personality and Interests

A cocky and competitive woman who is great at sports like karate, Gymnastics, swimming and gum chewing. She used to be overbearing and tyrannical till she got her powers from a piece of gum at Willy Wonka's Factory Tour. She is still bossy and tough but more human these days.


She is athletic and has a vicious competitive streak, having won 500 trophies and medals in various events ranging from martial arts competitions, to gymnastics, to swimming and to gum-chewing contests; she is a junior champion and world-record holder in the latter. She is also shown to be a sore winner. This attitude both drives her and cause her problems with being friendless.

However after being turned Indigo and given elastic powers, she mellowed out a lot. It humbled her to realize her only ally was her controlling mother. She slowly began to make changes but noticed her purple skin did make life challenging for her. Granted she was even better at sports than before she eventually realized she was alone. This drove her to do well in school and get into a good college so she could fix her skin color since she was fond of her powers.

After fixing her skin color in college she took a big step in socializing, even though it was awkward. That was till she was at a party and vanished from her world and ended up in Romania 1943.

Favourite Sayings

Check this out.
Oh its on!

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Image of Dr. Violet Beauregarde
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