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Summary: Cool-as-cucumber US Army sniper.

Sergeant Harold Cross

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Gender: Male

Age: 25

Group: Allied Humans




US Army sniper

He is also skilled at land navigation, hunting, skinning, foraging, and outdoor survival.


Sergeant, US Army

Physical Appearance

5'10", lean build, deep tan from working outdoors

Personality and Interests

Harold is something of a loner. He is polite and speaks when spoken to, but says little than what is asked for.

When he isn't maintaining his rifle, he practices his reading and writing--he reads and writes at a grammar school level.


Harold comes from a long line of soldiers in his family; their history of military service can be traced back to the Revolutionary War.

His father, a veteran of World War I, lost an arm during his service but that didn't stop him from running the family farm. Harold's mother died during childbirth, something that bothers him to this day.

Shooting was part of the culture he grew up in, and he demonstrated an incredible talent for it, always hitting his target no matter its size or how far away it was.

Living in a small farming community, he didn't learn of the attack on Pearl Harbor for a few days, but when he did he enlisted the very next day.

His marksmanship drew the attention of his drill sergeants, and after he completed Basic Training, he was assigned to a just-formed sniper unit and routinely hit targets from two miles away.

He was assigned to the European theater of combat and saw action in both Africa and Italy. He never bothered with keeping a tally of his kills.

Shortly after deploying to Italy, he was reassigned to a top-secret joint Allied task force.

Favourite Sayings

We got a mission to do, let's do it.

Execution is mandatory, enjoyment is optional.

You don't have to like it, you just have to do it.

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Image of Sergeant Harold Cross
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