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Summary: Pragmatic English vampire from the Victorian era.

Victoria St. George

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Gender: Female

Age: 231 (appears to be 30)

Group: Allied Monsters




Status: Vampire


Supernatural strength & speed
Enhanced senses
Shapeshifting (wolf, bat, mist); can grow claws in human form
Immune to conventional weapons


Must drink blood (by this time, she has developed an efficient digestion system and can survive for a week off one feeding)
Sunlight (it doesn't destroy her, just takes away her powers)
Can be damaged by fire, magic, holy power & other supernatural creatures
Cannot enter sacred ground


Countess (she prefers to be addressed by her title rather than her name)

Physical Appearance


Black hair, green eyes

Dresses stylishly (according to Victorian standards)

Personality and Interests

Given her background, she bemoans what passes for ladies' fashion, considering it tantamount to going out in underwear.

She also cares little for the politics behind the war; she works to end the war and ensure she has an adequate food supply.

She is a fan of the arts, especially music and opera, and has a strong fondness for the works of Beethoven. When she has a choice, she feeds on musicians and singers. She is a skilled musician herself, with her favorite instruments being the piano and the violin.

She also speaks multiple languages to include French, Spanish, Italian, German and Russian.


Victoria was born in 1651 into a wealthy family at the time. She showed both a mind for languages and a talent for music, though her station of the time prevented her from fully expressing herself musically.

She married well, her husband being a count, and gave him two children, a boy and a girl.

She had everything most women could want, but like most people, she wasn't satisfied; she wanted more. Learning of a skilled German musician who provided private tutoring at night, she discreetly hired him.

The promise she showed as a child blossomed fully under her tutor's instruction, and she felt herself falling for him. Of course, she didn't indulge it due to the scandal it would have caused, but Fate had other ideas.

On the night of their final session, he confessed feelings of affection for her and she too confessed such emotions. He then revealed his true nature, feeding on her until she was virtually dead, and then feeding her his blood, completing her transformation.

At first, it was difficult for her to stay away from her family, especially her children, but in time she realized the importance of doing so. However, she maintained a close eye on them, serving as an anonymous benefactor.

Years turned into decades, followed by centuries.

In that time, she amassed wealth and power beyond what any mortal can attain, and amused herself in the neverending political games her kind played.

Then one night in 1886, she was on her way to see an opera, but she never made it. There was a flash of light, and the next thing she knew, she found herself in 1940 Romania.

While her host, a superficially charming Frenchman, provided her with sustenance, she bristled at the thought of serving anyone in such a manner and she certainly didn't care for the means of her arrival.

She joined an escape of her fellow "guests", but in the ensuing confusion they got separated and now she was forced to make her way back home on her own from a country whose language she did not speak.

Favourite Sayings

That is not proper behavior of a lady.

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Image of Victoria St. George
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