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Summary: The necromancer


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Gender: Male

Age: 325

Group: Axis Monsters


Magical Undead


Is able to raise the dead, from simple zombies to monsterous creatures made from dead bodies to undead with conscious minds.
Powerful necromancy, can make bone armour, use blood as blades and heal wounds on himself. Can also drain people of their life force making the empty husk.
Of course he is weak to light, sunlight burns him badly, he is undead, so he is weak to holy magic, medicine can be used on him as poison would, poisons can be used on him as medication would be used as. Even though he is an necromancer he isn't weak, he is incredibly strong, able to smash wall with his bare hands, and he is very reliant to attacks. He is extremely weak to fire like other undead.



Physical Appearance

The pic, is about 6'2 in height, has some flesh on him but most of it is gone.

Personality and Interests

He doesn't care for anyone lower ranked then him, he shows little respect to his equals or most of his higher ups. Seeing them nothing more than fools. He shows very little emotion around humans, but when around non humans he shows a lot more emotion. He is easily angered or frustrated.


Necrosis was from the land of Norway, where he lived most of his human life as a peasant, that was until he was 25, where he discovered necromancy, upon his discovery he was instantly consumed by the power it provided. He rejected all of humanity for its power, this caused his end when the Catholic Church sent Templar knights after him, he was slaughtered. Not before he was able to find a way to bring himself back, more powerful then ever. He was resurrected by one of his followers, where he went into hiding for a long time. He joined the Axis when they offered him a spot to be a general for them and use his necromancy to aid them. He uses the knowledge they give him to create new creations for the war, seems like he is trying to create life, his own life too, not the undead kind.

Favourite Sayings

"Send them to the pit for his failure." -when someone fails
"Rattle my bones agian and you'll be my next creation."- when he is annoyed

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Image of Necrosis
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