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Summary: Female witches who only love their own kind.

Trinity Union (NPC)

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Gender: Female

Age: mixed

Group: Other


Witches of the Trinity Union
Independent Party with many clans


Magic and trickery
Powers vary from each witch


Leaders and followers

Physical Appearance

They vary and can change with magic

Personality and Interests

They are not fond of humans and they are not fond of tyrants


Chased from every home they ever known they formed a secret society called the Trinity Union and rescue their fellow wayward witches. They have a formidable military and have been known to cripple any military that interferes with their lifestyle. They have no love for either the Axis or Allied Forces. Oddly enough they function in a similar manner to the Nazis but with women in charge.

Favourite Sayings

Hail to the Trinity Union

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Image of Trinity Union (NPC)
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