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Summary: Undead assassins


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Gender: Unknown

Age: Unknown

Group: Axis Monsters


Necrosis's lair


They are undead assassins, they are fast, silent and deadly. With long lanky bodies they can fit into tight places, crawl on walls and ceilings. With razor sharp claws on their feet and hands. They have a sonic screech that can break glass. They are extremely fast, able to reach 60mph in seconds.
However they are extremely fragile, with gunfire weakening them greatly, fire burns them to ash is seconds, light disorients them and sunlight disintegrates them to ash.



Physical Appearance

The pic, max height is 7'4

Personality and Interests

Silent until spotted then will screech and chase their target down.


Creatures created by Necrosis.

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Image of Stalkers-NPC
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