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Summary: Flamboyant and womanizing Spanish smuggler.

Miguel Lopez

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Gender: Male

Age: 32

Group: Criminals





Has an extensive network of contacts throughout Europe

Skilled swordsman


A former member of the Spanish nobility (lost his title during the Spanish Civil War--see History).

Physical Appearance

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He favors expensive clothing and carries a sword with him (a family heirloom, one of his family's few remaining possessions)

Personality and Interests

Outwardly, Miguel presents the facade of a womanizing playboy, but underneath lies the heart of a man willing to risk everything to stop the Axis.

He does have a taste for the finer things in life and in his spare time he practices his swordplay.

His interactions with various underworld figures throughout Europe have given him a familiarity with most of its languages. He speaks English fluently.


In hindsight, one could say World War II was one of the best things that could’ve happened to Miguel Lopez.

As the third son of a Spanish noble, not much was expected of him, and he took it to heart, passing his time by wooing the women of other noble houses out of their virtue.

Then the Spanish Civil War happened.

On paper, his family had every reason to support the Nationalist cause: they were nobles and Catholics, both groups who were on that side.

However, the Nationalists were also backed by the Nazis, and his father believed it wrong to associate with such fascists. He and his two eldest sons fought in the war for the Republicans, leaving his youngest to look after the family lands.

Such situations show a person’s true character, and Miguel surprised everyone by managing to hold onto the family lands through a number of investments that, while not entirely legal, kept the family coffers sufficiently stocked.

However, near the end of the war, his father and brothers were captured by Nationalist forces, who killed them, stripped the family of its nobility, and seized the family lands as the spoils of war.

The war ended, and the Lopez family had little more than the clothes on their backs, as well as being bereft of their patriarch and his two eldest sons. Scraping what little money he had left, Miguel bought into a partnership at a shipping company.

Then World War II broke out, and he, like many others, watched with stunned amazement at the speed with which Germany overran France.

The French had supported the Republican side, and Miguel felt honor-bound to aid the country that had supported his father’s cause. Drawing upon the network of contacts he had built during the civil war, he used them to bring in supplies to the beleaguered country and help others escape it.

Over the years, his work has brought him into contact with many underworld figures throughout Europe, and now there is very little he does not know; he seems to have a contact in every seaport throughout the Continent.

Favourite Sayings

We must succeed, but we must also do it with style; otherwise, what's the point?

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