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Summary: Demonic swordsman on a quest to find his head.

Headless Horseman

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Gender: Male

Age: 30

Group: Axis Monsters




Status: Demon


Immune to conventional weapons
Superhuman strength




Cannot enter holy ground
Can be damaged by holy weapons or supernatural creatures


His sword is supernaturally sharp, allowing it to cut through stone and metal without a scratch.

He rides a black horse whose speed can match that of any modern vehicle. It has the same abilities and limitations as the Horseman. It will not allow anyone other than the Horseman to ride it.

Despite not having a head, the Horseman can hear and see.



Physical Appearance

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Personality and Interests

The Horseman has only two interests: killing and finding his head. No one knows what will happen if he ever does find his head.


The Horseman was a German mercenary hired by the British to fight in the Revolutionary War. His skill with the sword was virtually unmatched, and he slew men by the dozens. Driven by love of slaughter, he also killed women and children.

His earthly existence ended on a battlefield in New York, when his head was struck by a cannonball, obliterating it. Three days later he rose, determined to find it.

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