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Summary: One of the oldest vampires.

Gareth Von Disninful

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Gender: Male

Age: 697

Group: Allied Monsters


Elder Vampire


He is the Elder of the vampire court called the Black Night Court
He is skilled in vampire combat, sword fighting, archery and horse riding.
He has supernatural strength and speed, enhanced senses, shapeshifting (wolf, swarm of bats, mist) can grow claws in human form,
immune to conventional weapons, hypnosis and flight
He is weak to sunlight, can't enter holy ground, is weak to holy weapons and supernatural creatures. He seems to have a dear towards necromancers and Cambions(Half demons).


Elder Vampire, Count, leader of the Black Night Court. The Night Rider.

Physical Appearance

He has long pointed ears, sunken red eyes, large razor teeth, a large scar over the right side of his face. Bald, has grayish skin. He wears clothing from the 13th century.

Personality and Interests

He is a calm man, barely showing any anger. He sees all vampires in his court as his children, and their "children" as his grandchildren, and so on. He shows compassion, wisdom, and sympathy. He seems to have a fear for necromancers and Cambions.


Gareth is one of the oldest vampires, when he was 22, he lived in the year of 1262 AD. He was a simple farmer in Romania. He fell in love with a Nobel woman of the time, so one night he visited her. The woman seemed pleased by his visit, so they continued to see each other. She revealed herself as a vampire, Gareth still loved even after her reveal. So she decided to turn him, the two got married two years later. Gareth worked with her father as they dealt with war that had been lost to history. A group of humans had lived long enough under the rule of tyrant vampires and began a war. The war seemed to be lost for the humans.
That was until the first Cambion was born. The humans began breeding Cambions to used for the war effort, it only got woarst from their. Some of the humans began to practice in necromancy, bring the dead back to fight for them. The war lasted for 100 years. During the war, Gareth had floated his love, and became a legendary warrior for the vampires, The Night Rider. The war ended when the Cambions and necromancers rebelled against their human masters. The human army and vampire army made a deal, they would end the war to hunt down the Cambions and necromancers. The necromancers were hunted down and burned for their crimes, the Cambions were slaughtered.
After that the war ended, but for Gareth it haunted him. He had seen the horrors done by both armies. He took over the Black Night Court after the war and gas been the greatest leader for it.

Favourite Sayings

"Good evening."

"I know of a war with more bloodshed than you ever know."

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