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Summary: Ancient Survivors of a long forgotten war

Dark Ones-NPC

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Gender: Male and Female

Age: Varies

Group: Other




There are only 13 of them.


They are Guardians of ancient Artifacts, that is until they are freed from their bonds and in which they are Avengers of their fallen Brothers and Sisters
They range in powers and abilities, they are virtually immortal, have powerful magics and abilities, such as hyper regeneration. Immunity to conventional weapons, fire, poisons, diseases, and frostbite.

They are weak to holy weapons,other supernatural creatures, and their past. They can be killed by decapitation or the destruction of their heart.
By destroying the gem fused in their chest, they will rapidly age and thus turn to dust. It can only be destroyed by a weapon covered in blood of a beloved and used by the lover of the dead one's blood on it.


The Dark Ones

The Survivors

Physical Appearance

They vary in appearance, some more demon like, other more human like. They all however wear dark hoods and have black gems infused into their chest.

Personality and Interests

They vary on personalities, but they all hate Vampires, Humans and despise Necromancers.


The Dark Ones were the most powerful Cambions of the Blood War. They are virtually immortal and were said to be the children of demon gods. They were the only survivors of the Hellish Purge, when all the Cambions were hunted down by the humans and Vampires after the Blood War. They now guard artifacts that were used in the Blood War so that their enemies can never use them. However if they are unbounded by the artifact, they will be free to do whatever they please.

Favourite Sayings

"We are the Abounded, The Betrayed, The Forgotten, Tbe Dark Ones."

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