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Summary: Norwegian werewolf who lives in the woods and cares nothing for civilization.

Magnar Hansen

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Gender: Male

Age: 30

Group: Allied Monsters




Status: Werewolf


Can transform into wolf or battle-form at will


Supernatural strength
Claws can tear through metal and stone without damage
Immune to conventional weapons
Rapid healing & a strong immune system


Can be damaged by silver, fire, magic, and other supernatural creatures



Physical Appearance

Human Form: 6' tall, lean build, long dark hair and beard

Wolf Form: 2' tall at shoulder, 150 lbs, black fur

Battle Form: Humanoid wolf; 7' tall, 400 lbs

Personality and Interests

Magnar is a loner who lives in the woods and believes civilization has nothing to offer him.

He is direct and blunt, with no concern for the feelings of others. In combat, he is the same way, going straight for his target.

He is skilled in outdoor survival, hunting, and trapping.

Given he is of Norwegian / Russian descent, he speaks both languages fluently.


Magnar Hansen is a rare man that has everything he needs in life. Born to a Norwegian mother and a Russian father, he was raised in the woods of northern Norway.

As puberty set in, his lycanthropy—inherited from his father—also kicked in. His father taught him about how to change into both a wolf as well as his battle-form, that of a humanoid wolf.

He has lived his whole life in the woods and views himself as being stronger than people who live in civilization; he can survive—even thrive—in the outdoors whereas most of them will die in several days.

He does have some minimal contact with others and has learned of the war, but cares nothing for it or for who wins as long as they leave him alone.

Favourite Sayings

War, huh? The world needs a good culling.

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