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Summary: The forbidden child

Annabelle Michaelson

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Gender: Female

Age: 533

Group: Other




Wife of Daniel(Necrosis)
Daughter of Gareth.
She only knows vampiric combat and some swordsmanship.
She has supernatural strength and speed, enhanced senses, shapeshifting (wolf, swarm of bats, mist, demonic creature, etc) can grow claws in human form.
She can also summon fire, shoot fireballs, etc.
immune to conventional weapons, hypnosis and flight
She is weaken by sunlight, can't enter holy ground, is weak to holy weapons and holy beings.
She needs to feed on blood once a week or she becomes weak and goes into a slumber until she gets the blood she needs. When awoken she goes into a feral state called a blood frenzy that ends when she gets enough blood.


The Forbidden Child
Mother of the slumbering bloodline.

Physical Appearance

She has light colored skin, she has raven black hair, and bright blue eyes. She has
a beautiful face and figure. She is about 4'11 in height.

Personality and Interests

She is soft spoken, very motherly and kind. She is very protective of her family. She is very lady like.

She wishes to live a happy life with her husband, however knowing he has gone down a cursed path, she wishes she can somehow save him.


Annabelle was the forbidden child of Gareth the Night Rider and Ella, the Dark One of moonlight. She was raised by them until she was five, then her mother took her to reside in Norway. Gareth visited them anytime he could. She finally left to go see the world when she was 25. After traveling for about 200 years, she met a young boy name Daniel. For some reason the boy intrested her. She watched him from afar grow up. She saw as he became a warrior, there she finally introduced herself. They immediately fell in love. Some time passed before they were married and had a son. However she tried to not drink blood and ended up into a slumber. Her husband didn't realize she wasn't human and thought her dead, he later became Necrosis and her son, who was an ordinary human, neither the vampire or Cambion blood awoken inside him. Now she slumbers in a coffin, not knowing what has become of her family.

Favourite Sayings

"I love the moonlight."

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Image of Annabelle Michaelson
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