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Summary: An Ancient Demon working with Trinity Union


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Gender: Appears male mostly

Age: Ancient

Group: Other




Tiekious is a demon that creates pacts with witches, other magic user, and no magic user. Those who have magic that make a pact with him gain the ability of demonic magics or the increase of their power, sometimes both. Those without magic gain demonic power or increase of their physical abilities, sometimes both.
He can shapeshift to whatever he wants, he can use pyromancy, shadow magic, the dark arts, summon powerful beings. He is incredibly strong, and fast. He is very charismatic and seductive. He is immune to conventional weapons, most magics, and he cannot be controlled.

He is however weakened by holy magic, he can be harmed by holy weapons of angels or great heroes. He cannot enter the mortal realm, he can be summoned, but it's only part of him there and it's not strong enough to break through the magical seal, unless the seal is weak or unstable. He can possess people however due to his power most of his vessels don't last longer than two weeks. They slowly start to crack and burn up until finally they turn to ash. He can hope from body to body if he gets a vessel.


Greater Demon

Physical Appearance

He has many forms, he can look like a beautiful young woman to looking like a sicken man to looking like a strange beast. However he mostly appears in a demonic form. His size varies.

Personality and Interests

He is a deal maker, he can't be angered easily, he is charismatic and seductive, able to hit the right points to get people to make deals with him. He is more then willing to help anyone that summons him, for a price tho. He desires many things, but one thing he doesn't want is to take over the mortal world, he would rather want to live as a mortal and experience mortal life.


Tiekious was one of the first demons ever created, and one of the most powerful. He has appeared many times to humans and non humans, giving them whatever they desire, however there is always a price. However this time he was summoned by the Trinity Union as a means to help them achieve anything, granting them great power, with some prices of course.

Favourite Sayings

"So, it's a deal then."

"What do you desire?"

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Image of Tiekious
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