Memories of a long forgotten relationship: Part 2

When Gareth had taken the woman with him, she was at first put in a small cell, however after three days Gareth got her into a small bedroom. He soon went to visit her, knocking on her door lightly. "Comd in." Her voice spoke for behind the door. He walked in to see her wearing one of the many dresses she was offered. "Ella, I wanted you to know there was a party in three months time. I'm curious if you would like to go with me." Gareth noticed her eyes lighting up, "A party? I never been to one, of course I'll go with you!" He smiled at her, "It's in three months so don't worry much about it." Ella beamed, "I can't wait for it."
Gareth left her in her room to enjoy her freedom. He was stopped by one of his friends, Wenzo. "Gareth, are you crazy? She's a demon spawn, a Dark One at that. She can't be trusted, maybe you're right that she doesn't want to leave, but what about the Necromancer King? He can bend the will of others, living or dead." Gareth patted his friend on the back, "The Cambions have the will to resist, they are the best at resisting." He left his friend as he went for the battlefield.

For the next three months, Ella and Gareth had grown closer and closer. To put it, after the party Gareth and Ella made love that night. Ella became pregnant with his child, everything was perfect. Until the Hellish Purge. Gareth got his love and daughter to safety, in Norway. There he had watched his daughter grow up and have a family from a distance. The war ended with the humans gaining their freedom and the cambions to extinction.

[b]Present Time[b]
Gareth sighed, "I'm sorry Ella I couldn't protect you, as well as you Annabelle. My little angel." He could only sadly sigh as he looked at the portrait of him and his lover. He looked over to a second portrait, one with an adult version of Annabelle with her family.

[b]Miles away with Necrosis[b]
Necrosis pulled out his locket, on one side was his human self, brown hair and brown eyes. On the other side, was a woman with raven black hair and piercing blue eyes. "Don't worry Annabelle, I'll bring you back. I promise. Our son's descendants will soon understand, I promise." He closed the locket looking up at the sky, "I'll be seeing you soon anyways my love, it's time I came home."

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