In Plain Sight

Tiekious scratched his chin in thought, "I do not know who would hide this, and I already explained why they would do so. I only know this because history repeats itself, such as pandemics always being on the 20th year of a new century. As will kings will hide the ugly truth of what they did to win wars. I wonder if the winners will betray the creatures serving them, I wouldn't put it past them." He grimaced and turn his attention back to Violet, "Ms. Beauregarde, I'm curious if anyone has ever heard of a event know as the Blood war. Or has it been forgotten by history?"

Violet looked at Tiekious with an odd expression. She in deed had heard of the Blood War but was confused why it was such a big deal. In her world it was a videogame that was popular like World of Warcraft. She wondered if the game was used to hide the truth of forgotten history in the form of entertainment so it would be glossed over as if it was a joke.

Violet: The "Blood War" or BW, was a video game made by the The Forgotten Realms company. It was about an ancient conflict that raged between the fiends of the Lower planes. The two main sides of the war were the demons, inhabitants of the evil plane of chaos of the Abyss, and devils, representing the equally evil but lawful realm of the Nine Hells. The conflict was massive, spanning entire planes of reality, and hosting an almost infinite number of fiends and zones. When I was back on Earth it was very popular with gamers.

Violet rubbed her temples and sighed as she made the connection.

Violet: Are you telling me that video game was based on a real event?

Frank: What does he means?

Violet: If I am correct in understand him, he may be referring to how the truth is hidden in plan sight about all this paranormal monster stuff that we are experiencing now.

Frank: Oh.....

Violet: You mean you get that?

Frank: Dumb people hurt smart people when they not understand stuff. It happened to the doctor.

Violet: I see. So Tiekious can you explain what you are hinting at?


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