Tiekious smiled, "You just answered all your questions, history will hide events in history, as for the Blood War, the real one. It took place during the 12th century and ended in the late 13th century. It was when children of demons called Cambions, were used as super soldiers for mankind in their battle with the creatures of night. Humans also used magic, such as necromancy, pyromancy, and so on. It ended when humanity made a peace treaty with the creatures of night, that they would rule the day and the monsters would stay in the shadows, in secret. Of course they had one last thing to do, to kill the Cambions. The reason why? I have no idea, however I believe it might be because they were the bridge between the two races. As time has passed the human kingdoms have forgotten their treaty and the monsters are more then willing to abuse the fact they have forgotten. I figure that after this war, the monsters will go back to the shadows, becoming nothing more then legends. However, maybe you can change that when you go back to your time." He gave her a smile.

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