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Summary: Seraphina loves to make others happy.

Seraphina Joy Hart

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Gender: Female

Age: 29

Group: Matchmaker


Seraphina's main interest is her job as the head Matchmaker of Hart to Hart Inc. When she has free time, which is almost never, she enjoys reading.


Head Matchmaker of Hart to Hart Inc

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Physical Appearance

Seraphina has long brunette hair, which is almost always tied up in a bun. She has brown eyes with gold flecks. She wears little make up. Also, she is generally seen wearing a business suit. She is slender and about 5'4".


Seraphina is a workaholic with a heart of gold. She cares about others before herself. She deeply enjoys being a matchmaker and helping couples find true love.


Seraphina was raised by her father and her Aunt Mae after her mother passed away the same day she was born from complications due to injuries sustained in a car accident. She has lived in Cape Hamond her whole life. Her father built the Hart to Hart Inc so she grew up a part of the company. She has always shared her father's love for matchmaking so she began working there after finishing college at age 22. She became Head of the company when her father passed 8 months ago.

Favourite Sayings

"There is no greater power than that of Love."

Favourite food



Clarity June Hart- mother (deceased)
Cliff Gavin Hart- father (deceased)
Maeona Jane Gardner- maternal aunt

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Image of Seraphina Joy Hart
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