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Summary: This character is open play for anyone to use.

Patricia "Patty" Nichols

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Gender: Female

Age: 52

Group: NPC/Open Play




Receptionist for Seraphina Hart at Hart to Hart Inc.

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Physical Appearance

Patty has not so natural dark Blonde hair, although it was once naturally blonde before age found it. Her eyes are green and always filled with a light of happiness. Her smile is very contagious. She has a homely look about her, very simple but pretty in a motherly way.


Patty is always friendly. She will sit and chat with anyone as though they had been her friend for years. She has a motherly way about her, always checking in on those around her and making everyone feel at home.


Patty was matched by Hart to Hart industries at only 21 years old. She loved her husband, Edward, from almost first sight. They had 2 children together: Holly and Gregory. Both have moved away and are living their own lives. Holly is married in Minnesota with a 3 year old son now. Gregory is off running a company in New York. Edward passed away from a heart attack about 3 year ago. Then there is Patty. She lives with her sister Beverly and works as a receptionist at Hart to Hart, as she has for the past 32 years.

Favourite Sayings

"Well, dear, life has a funny way of seeming bad, but really be leading to something great."

Favourite food



Edward Nichols- husband (deceased)
Beverly Hall- sister
Holly Nichols-Hardy - daughter
Jamison Hardy- son-in-law
James Nichols-Hardy - grandson
Gregory Nichols

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Image of Patricia
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