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Summary: It only hurts if you fall

Serenity winters

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Gender: Femail

Age: 25

Group: Married


She enjoyed figure stating, reading, music as well as traveling.


Professional figure scatter

Relationship Status

Married to Mason

Physical Appearance

Serenity is about 5 feet 6 inches tall she has long blonde hair that she normally where’s in a ponytail. She has pain skin and ice blue eyes. She is thin an fit. The perfect build for a figer scatter. She usually where’s dark blues and purples.


Serenity is kind and gentle. Usually willing to help anyone she comes across outside of the ice rink. When in competition or training she has a one track mind. Witch he’s lead to her winning many compatitions.


Serenity was a fairly lonely child growing up. Most people how shares to hang out with her only did so because she came from a fairly wealth family. When she decided to be a figer scared at a young 5. Her parents put a lot of mommy and time into private catches and teachers. She ended up living two lives from that point on her parents exspected perfection both on in school and on the ice.

Favourite Sayings

“You don’t know unless you try”

“Can I help you”

Favourite food

Pizza and cookie dough ice cream.


Mother: Ruby winters famous fashion designer.
Father: jake winter computer programer.

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Image of Serenity winters
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