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Mason Wilson

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Gender: Male

Age: 26

Group: Adoptable


Video games and all things in and around them.


Professional video gamer

Relationship Status

Married to Serenity

Physical Appearance

Simple, nerdy sort of look - a bit of the 'bad boy' vibe. Generally unkempt.


Mason doesn't know who he is. Within him, there is a friendly and caring person. He comes across as a crude and immature person.


Raised in supreme privilege, his parents ignored him and left him to his own devices which thankfully only meant to became a bit of a video game addict. While he's 'technically' a pro video gamer, he doesn't make nearly enough money to support himself or the life he's accustomed to. His parents have threatened to cut him off if he doesn't take a 6 month break from gaming and apply through Hart to Hart.

Favourite Sayings

I will destroy you!

Favourite food

Pizza and other junk food


Only child
Nice but very distant parents

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Image of Mason Wilson
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