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Summary: just trying to prove to her self love can be good and not the hell shes known

nyra smithins

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Gender: female

Age: 24

Group: Married


she love to be outside and inspired. her hobbies include yoga , jogging, swimming, and almost anything out doors.

she loves art of all kinds and is very into photography, painting, and sculpting


she has had many of her peace's on display in museums.

Relationship Status

Married to Simeon jones

Physical Appearance

green eyes
light freckles
slim but curvy in the right places.


sweet, adventuress. carefree, strong will and stubborn. tomboyish
she dose not easily let people in preferring to keep things casual but really its to keep her self from getting hurt again.


she was engaged to a guy from school when she was 16 and was with him till she was 21. it was a long few years. harsh, with lots of all kinds of abuse. she only rly got out cuz he went to jail and her family moved to LA. now shes just trying to get back to the person she was before and find out if maybe love can be easy and not hurt.

Favourite Sayings

"cry standing up"

Favourite food

anything she can eat with her fingers


she has a father in her home town in south tx.
she also has 4 brothers and a uncle ray and her grandma louise

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Image of nyra smithins
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