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Summary: I made my own way, chose my own waves.

Simeon Jones

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Gender: male

Age: 28

Group: Married


I enjoy sailing, fishing, surfing, and pretty much anything to do with the beach and the water.


I work at the Marina of the Rivio Hotel. I love taking care of the boats there.

Relationship Status

Married to Nyra

Physical Appearance

I am a short man, only 5'10". I have brunette hair, on my head and face, but I keep it decently neat. Girls say I have nice muscles, I say they are average, you be the judge. My eyes are brown with green flecks.


I am pretty easy going. I actually do believe in chivalry if you can believe that, and romance. I like to help others and make people smile.


I was born and raised in Australia. I came to the US for school, which was my parents idea. They wanted me to have what they saw as a successful career. You know, doctor, lawyer, those sort of things. Well, I dropped out of college, fought for my citizen ship and enjoyed the ocean because it's where I feel at home. I wound up in Cape Hamond for the job opportunity running the Marina. And being here, watching all those weddings at the Rivio, I decided I would jump on the wagon. I believe in love and am hopeful I will find it here.

Favourite Sayings

"Go with the Flow"

Favourite food

Fish. I eat all kinds of it, but definitely fish.


My parents are in Australia. We don't talk because they are mad at me for dropping out of college.

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Image of Simeon Jones
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