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Summary: Local Sheriff Deputy

Andrew Jackson

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Gender: Male

Age: 40

Group: NPC/Open Play


Spending time with his family and helping the homeless and troubled kids


Coos County Sheriff Deputy S.E.R.T. team (Special Emergency Response Team) Sheriffs S.E.R.T. is utilized in the resolution of extraordinary criminal events that are beyond the response capabilities of most individual deputies and warrant a coordinated team approach. These may include hostage or barricaded gunman situations, the service of high-risk arrest or search warrants, dignitary protection details and the like.
The team is comprised of a Team Commander who oversees both S.E.R.T. and the Crisis Negotiations Team (C.N.T.), a Tactical Commander, and 15 tactical deputies. S.E.R.T. is segmented into four basic components: Entry Team, Sierra Team (Sniper/Observer) and Delta Team (Tactical Command Post Operations) and a separate medical cadre (Gold Team). The Gold Team is led by a full-time tactical deputy and is made up of two Paramedics and 1 doctor who are either Sheriff's Office Reserves or Technical Volunteers. Team members work full-time in various sections and divisions within the Sheriff's Office and are available for S.E.R.T. duties on a call-out basis when needed. The team trains together at least once a month to ensure that they are prepared for any assignment.

US special forces 18B The special operations weapons sergeant employs conventional and unconventional warfare tactics and techniques in individual and small unit infantry operations. This position trains and maintains proficiency in all Major Duties and employs highly demanding conventional and high-risk unconventional warfare tactics and techniques in the employment of individual domestic, foreign small arms, light and heavy crew-served weapons, anti-aircraft and anti-armor weapons.

They also supervise and perform construction of hasty fortifications and control execution of tactical conventional and unconventional operational employment and functioning of all types of U.S. light weapons (up to and including 50 cal MG), U.S. heavy weapons (up to and including the 4.2in and 120mm mortar and 106mm RR), man-portable air defense weapons and U.S. antiarmor weapons (including anti-tank missile systems), to perform tactical operations.

They must maintain proficiency with the employment and functions of all foreign high-density light and heavy weapons, man-portable air defense, and anti-armor weapons. Additionally, they evaluate terrain, select weapons emplacements, site, and assign targets and areas of fire. Finally, the special operations weapons sergeant reads, interprets, and prepares combat orders.

Law Enforcement Sheriff Deputy

Relationship Status

Married to Peril Jackson (housewife)

Physical Appearance

He is 6’ 2” has black hair brown eyes and weighs about 200 black man with light skin. Normally in his uniform.


Really nice guy will go out of way to help people in need.


Old friend of Robert Harrington whey where in the Army together. Jackson move to the town and applied for hart to hart and got matched that was 5 years ago. Stayed and joined local Law Enforcement. When Robert retired for the Army Jackson suggested he come and set up a shop here and apply to Hart to Hart and the rest is history.

Likes to hang around the Network coffee shop.

Favourite Sayings

You should of not done that

Let me help you

Favourite food

Peanut’s , coke a cola, and Good coffee

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Image of Andrew Jackson
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