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Summary: Shift manager of Network Coffee

Denice Mason

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Gender: Female

Age: 21

Group: NPC/Open Play


Working, studying for his Bs in Graphic Design
Fruit smoothies and baked bread


Shift manager of Network Coffee The shift supervisor position plays a key role in the daily operations of the Network Coffee shop. From balancing registers to ordering product, this position is responsible for a wide variety of administrative tasks. In addition, it works directly with fellow associates and customers to ensure a productive work environment.

As a shift supervisor, you will be responsible for training new employees and ensuring that the store is running smoothly throughout the day. You will frequently maintain cash positions in the various registers, resolve customer complaints, and work to fill coverage shortages as part of your regular duties. The primary responsibilities of this

Graphics Design

Relationship Status


Physical Appearance

She is 5’ 8” has weighs about 120
Normally dressed nicely


Nice girl, polite, like to talk about art, swimming and nature.


Born and raised in Coos county works at Network Coffee to help pay for college. Sister of Chris Mason

Favourite Sayings

What would you like to drink?

Favourite food

Smoothies and baked bread

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