Image of Samuel Rogers

Summary: Worker of Network Coffee

Samuel Rogers

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Gender: Male

Age: 10

Group: NPC/Open Play


Working, studying high school with a has high grades
Dose sports likes football


Works in the back makes food for Network Coffee
Acts with integrity, honesty and knowledge to promote the Network coffee shop. Delivers legendary customer service, creates superior food and beverages. Maintains calm demeanor during periods of high volume. It is a grate employee experience.

Loves sports

Relationship Status

Single looking for a nice girl friend.

Physical Appearance

She is 6’ 2’ has and weighs about 200
Normally dressed nicely


Good guy, helpful, hard worker, likes to talk about hunting, Sports and trucks


Born and raised in Coos county works at Network Coffee to make extra money wile in high school. Saving up for a truck

Favourite Sayings

I got that making it now.

Favourite food

Coffee, sports drink, real good Ham and cheese sandwich

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