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This all takes place in the fictional town of Cape Hamond. It is a quaint little town with a lot of charm. It is by the seacoast of Oregon. The center of town is where you would find their downtown area which is filled with lots of Old fashioned buildings featuring a very Italianate style. In the downtown area is where one would find shops like Enchanted Together, the bridal shop on Haywin Ave; Iconic Tux, the perfect place for a grooms attire found on Main St; Bella's Bakery, which is only a couple doors down from the bridal shop on Haywin Ave; The Network Coffee Shop, which is owned by Mr Robert Harrington and found on the corner of Haywin Ave and Main St; a charming little motel, the Fireside; as well as some other small businesses. Hart to Hart is a decent size business building, that looks classically business, and is just outside of the downtown area on the North End. On the other side of downtown, in the South end, is where you would find their art district. There is the Cape Hamond Museum there and an art gallery. Of to the East is a great area for hiking with wonderful trails through some conservation forest. Also in this area is the Half-Moon Campground. When you go West you find the coast of the cape. Here, one will find the Rivio hotel, a wonderfully luxury hotel with a beautiful beach areas near the ocean and wonderful gardens as well. They feature cottages near the beach and gardens, as well as around 350 rooms in their main hotel building. They have their own docks and a Marina at the Rovio hotel as well as an event center made up of conference areas and ballrooms. Also on the cape coast, further down the beach from the Rivio, one can find an adorable little Italian bistro called L'isola. This restaurant is owned by Mr Montrelle and is actually built on a small island just off the shore. There is a small bridge that leads from the parking lot to the island restaurant, which features outdoor seating on a nice terrace overlooking the water.

[if you have any places you would like to add to our little town, please notify me and I will add them in]

These rules apply to Hart to Hart. By joining our RPG and roleplaying with us, you automatically agree to these rules. Be aware that the rules may periodically change. All changes will be announced; however, it is ultimately your responsibility to remain aware of any changes. Thank you for reading carefully!

The Basics

Roleplayers at Hart to Hart agree to respect their fellow roleplayers. Insulting, cursing, harassing, or otherwise attempting to or causing harm to another player could result in removal from the group.

Roleplayers agree that "bad" roleplay -- including but not limited to powerplay, godmodding, and metagaming may not occur at Hart to Hart.

Hart to Hart has a rating of M. Please be classy with your posts however, without too many inappropriate details.

We do not have a word minimum. We ask for you to give enough for someone to be able to respond well. There should be at the very least 5 sentences to a post. More is preferred. Proper grammar and spelling are required.

Hart to Hart considers itself an intermediate roleplaying game. As such, good spelling and grammar in your application and posts are required.

Refusal to work with the administration to fix application errors may result in a roleplayer being unwelcome to join.


Hart to Hart is set in the modern times in Cape Hamond, Oregon, USA. Characters should be appropriate to this setting in application and once roleplaying in the game as a part of good roleplay realism.

Players may participate in as many threads and roleplays as they like.


Characters are limited to humans. No special powers are used in this game.

Rolelayers are not limited in number of characters.

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