All a Part of Our Process

Seraphina couldn't help but being minorly uncomfortable in his gaze. He was scanning her in a way that made her feel like she was taking a test. She watched as he sat and when he was ready to proceed, she smiled.

"I know you have probably answered more questions than you expected as we have our clients interviewed 3 times during this process as well as the online questionnaires, but I promise we are just doing all we can to ensure that our clients are matched with the best possible life partner. I am sorry if any of my questions are ones you have already answered, but please just answer them again honestly, and understand it is all a part of our process."

She took a deep breath, peering into the file." Well my first question today is: What is a day in the life of Robert Harrington like?" She poised her pen, ready to take down notes of his response.

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