Well, What Do You Think?

Ryan drove through the downtown area, towards the coast. Finally, he came upon the grand Rivio hotel. The hotel was a large luxury hotel, holding around 350 rooms inside it's 30 story building. The rooms on it's West facing side would overlook the beach and the Pacific ocean; whereas, the east facing side looked onto their vast gardens. Overall, It was quite a beautiful area. It was one of 3 locations you could stay at when visiting this lovely town, the other two being their Half-Moon campground on the other side of town, and a small motel in the downtown area called the Fireside. The Rovio was the natural choice for weddings with it's amazing opportunities for all kinds of weddings.

Instead of driving up towards the main building of the hotel, Ryan veered towards the docks off the beach front area. Here, there were a handful of small cottages people could choose to stay in, which was an accommodation they had over on the garden side as well. Then, it opened up to the dock area with a beautiful Marina off the grand pacific. He parked in the Marina's parking and waited for Mason, to come out of his car.

Once Mason joined him, Ryan smiled and gestured to a boat sitting at the very first dock. "This will be your wedding location. We will be holding your wedding ceremony on this boat out on the waters."

He led Mason onto the dock, where the boat's captain was awaiting them. Ryan shook the captain's hand before walking up the ramp onto the yacht. The deck was gorgeous, but not the sight Ryan was wanting Mason to see. He passed through that are and brought him to a pair of doors that opened up to a small flight of stairs. Once they got to the bottom of the stairs, a gorgeous ballroom laid before them. It was not huge, but large enough for a small to medium sized wedding. The best feature was that most of the walls were actually floor to ceiling windows that looked right out onto the water.

"Well, what do you think?"

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