Almost awkward

Everything... everything had happened so fast it dawned on the pair this was their first moment truly together. Without hesitation, like he'd done it a thousand times before, Jax reached across the table instinctively and took Sera's hand, stroking it gently. "And now, the real fun begins... I know in my heart, soul and lips," he added coyly, "that I love you. Time for the rest of my body catch up."

"We have our whole our whole lives to learn and love deeper, stronger, but there's things about you - so many things - I'm dying to know and I don't quite know where to begin..." He let the thought sink in a minute. "I love questions... so I hope you don't mind..."

He took a deep breath and released her hand begrudgingly and opened his menu, "In no particular order... what do you know that's good here? I figure everything, but what would you recommend? Then, what's one item in your bedroom you'd be most embarrassed for me to see if I was in it? And after I take you to Italy for our honeymoon - when your schedule allows of course - where else have you dreamed of going?"

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