Ryan nodded his head. "I am sure the bride will love it. We chose it by forming a combination of both of your wedding ideas. My co worker, Wendy, will be bringing the bride by here after they are finished at the bakery." He tried his best to assure the nervous groom. "We have planned many of these and they always go better than expected. I know it is scary, not meeting your bride until the wedding day, but all will be perfect. Shall I lead the way to the rest of your wedding venue? The reception is planned to be on the other side of the hotel." He lead the way to an area where they had golf carts and waited for Mason to join him in one.

Once Mason was in the cart, Ryan started driving towards the gardens. "Now, we can choose different transportation to get the guests over to the gardens. The choices are: these golf carts, which can be decorated; horse drawn carriages; a trolley. Do any of those ideas appeal to you?" As Ryan spoke, they were headed through the vast beautiful gardens. Ryan had a specific spot in mind that he knew would be perfect. There was an area of the garden with a topiary archway and Clematis growing around it. There was a fountain on one side of the archway, and a wide open space on the other with exquisite brick work on the ground. When they reached this area, Ryan got out. "This is where we are planning the reception. We will set out tables and such, have music, a canopy, mood lighting. It will be utterly breathtaking I am sure."

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