Wedding Details

Seraphina carefully took notes on Wynnie's answers. She was sure not to miss any of the details. When all the match questions were said and done, she spoke.

"I think we will be able to find a good match for you. We will notify you when we do. However, for us to plan your wedding details, I do need to know what you would like for your wedding plans. The venue is always at the Rivio Hotel by the coast, but you can choose to have it in the ballroom, on the beach, or in the gardens. You choose the colors, theme, music, food, number of guests. We will provide all of it. We also provide the honeymoon suite at the Rivio for the night of the wedding as well. It's all included in your package. Obviously, we will ask the groom for his ideas as well. Then, my wedding planning team will find a wonderful way to blend both of your ideas for the ideal wedding. So tell me, what are you wanting for your wedding?"

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