A Ballroom on the Sea

"Its beautiful. I am guessing he likes the sea. He'll get to see plenty of it when I get past nationals this year"

Wendy nodded her head. "He did ask for a wedding on the beach or overlooking the sea. You asked for a ballroom. So I found you both a ballroom on the sea. I think it is such a breathtaking view. And wait until you see what we have planned. Ice sculptures. Blue and Purple flowers everywhere." Wendy was getting excited thinking about it all. She loved planning weddings.

"What was his name again? Do you remember? I unfortunately forgot."

Wendy smiled at her, then opened the file she was still carrying with her. "I have his name in here as Mason. A sweet name." Speaking of Mason reminded her, that she needed to text Ryan and see where the groom was so they avoided running into each other. She quickly sent a text and awaited a response.

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