Reception pt 1.

Simeon looked over at Nyra with apologetic eyes. Bastion was well meaning, but a little goofy. Simeon held her hand and looked into her eyes, enjoying there first moments together.

Nyra smiled back. She knew she looked cliche as the blushing bride but she couldn't help it. As the reception when on it was time for their first dance. It was a old country song about love everlasting. But she couldn't focus on the words. She was to busy looking up at simeons face his eyes and smile. She sighed and relaxed in his arms letting him lead her. It was like they where in their own little bubble. She grinned playfully at him " hi" th out gn they had been sharing tou ccj as glances and now even kisses and exchanging vows they still hadn't had a real conversation. Now seemed like a good when it was just her and him in their little happy bubble.

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