Bye, then

"I know the doc said to take it slow, but I've got so many questions... how long have we been together? Have we ever... ya know?"

The question surprised her, and she was shy to answer, as they had only honestly been together a two days now. Their love affair had been quick, but magical. "Um... Well... It was a love at first sight kind of romance. You walked in, our eyes met, and we both fell. I tried to fight it at first, but with your insistence, I quickly changed my tune. Then, last night, you surprised me further with the proposal. I couldn't say no because honestly, I am in love with you. Now, this.. this will change things, and I don't want to push too hard or anything. You need to process and such."

"I'm sorry this is happening to you. Is there someone else who should know about my situation? Do I have family somewhere?"

"Uh.. yes. You have family. You aren't really in contact with them, but I can get their info for you if you do wish to reach out to them. I have it at my office."

"And you... is there someone else you can lean on through this? I mean, I'm sort of like a big baby right now. I don't feel up to walking just yet but I think I remember the basics anyway, but I can't bear you going through this alone."

Her heart felt like it was breaking, and the one person she wanted to turn to was basically turning her away now. She sighed, "Uh.. I... I think I could call Montrelle… Yea... um.. I will go call him... If you need me, I will leave my number over hereby the phone. I will just fax your family's contact information to the nurse's once I get it from my office." She leaned as if to kiss him, then uncertainty pulled her away. She could feel that the tears were about to start again, so she turned her face away as she barely muttered, "Bye, then." She dropped her business card by the phone and headed for the door, unsure what to do, or where to go. She couldn't return to work like this. She honestly didn't want to show up at Montrelle's restaurant in this state of mind either. What was she to do now?

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