Network Coffee and the wedding

The four sat together Chris, Jacky, Denice and Samuel in the chairs on the beach. The open air and sun felt grate the smell of the ocean water on the breeze. Waiting for the bride to show who was this woman that was marring their boss Mr. Harrington. It had been a total secret who she was, and little information was given to them from Mr. Harrington. They could tell he was stressed a little two days before. All they got was an invitation and payed time off for coming to Brenowyn Murphy`s and Robert Harrington`s wedding. The Network coffee shop was closed early, and the employees were invited to come. They had only known Mr. Harrington for about a year. But like working for him he was easy to work for. Mr. Harrington was strict on studies but forgiving on other things.

The four turned to see her as the Harp started playing, a beautiful sound. It was time. the little girl had walked the aisle already, tossing white rose petals into the warm sands. Steph was on her way down at that very moment. It was the brides turn. Other string instruments now joined the harp and began to play. They all look at her with big smiles as she walked by. She beautiful as she walked Her dress rippled softly in the wind.

She kept walking, taking in all the beauty of the night around her. Then, her gaze fell on him, the groom. Chris, Jacky, Denice and Samuel thought how romantic it was as she Mr. Harrington she even smiled as the walked up to him. Mr. Harrington seem to have stars in his eyes as he looked at her. Jacky giggled some to herself she had never saw Mr. Harrington that way before. But The halo of baby's breath and Stephanotis flowers rested on her head, finishing her beauty she thought.

As the bride took her spot under the archway, the officiant began to talk. “Welcome, everyone. Friends and family who have traveled to be with Robert and Brenowyn today: we thank you for being here to share this special day.” They listened to him as he made his speech then the vows as Mr. Harrington sited his vows Denice could only hope one day her husband to be would be as romantic as the bride and groom now. the way they stared in to one other eye was softly intense to her. Mr. Harrington some not to even blink. To her he seemed not to want to miss anything.
When the rings exchanged the four knew there would be someone knew at the shop for now on and the boss had a wife. As Mr. Harrington went to kiss his now wife Jacky and Denice looked at one other knowing what the other was thinking they wanted to be kissed like that one day. all four looked at one other and for the first time Mr. Harrington looked happy.

Sitting back in his chair looking at everything around him. Chris knew in time it would be his turn. He wondered what his bride would want and do? His mind raced through the different ways it could go he felt almost overwhelmed by the whole idea. He just smiled and hoped for the best.

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